About Us

Our beginning:
- Our first step toward activism began with a single ethnicity-focus organization: The
Korean American Youth Council. Originally founded by a current highschool student,
Brian Jon, the organization was established in response to an incident at Bergen County
Academies where a Spanish teacher’s anti-Korean/racist remark, “I hate Koreans,”
became a wide-spread issue. This incident led youth councils all over New Jersey to
gather to raise the voices of Korean Americans. From there, the Asian American Youth
Council was created with a new goal in mind—to not only represent a single ethnicity,
but instead having a purpose to embrace all Asian Americans residing in the United

Meaning of logo:
- The Asian American Youth Council logo shows our activist vision that emphasizes the
spirit of inclusiveness while respecting American values and the diversity of each
community. The fifty stars that encircle the United States map figure in the center
represent the fifty states of the nation, in each of which our youth councils will make vital
impacts. The red-blue stripes within the inner circle resemble those of the Flag of the
United States of America, representing that we uphold American values as the core of our
efforts. The United States map figure as well as the outer main band are colored yellow to
represent the unity of Asian Americans across the nation and to stress our intended role in
bridging the mainstream American community with the Asian American community.

Who we are:
- Across the nation, we currently have more than 50 youth activists, each of whom brings
years of experience in civil engagement to represent the Asian Community.

What we do:
- The Asian American Youth Council addresses various current issues, regarding race,
gender, politics, and society, which has significantly undermined the well-being and
status of our community. Most importantly, the Council focuses on raising social
awareness about political rights, which most of our previous Asian American generations
have not been able to enjoy, within the Asian American community as well as the wider
American society. Rather than representing the needs of a single ethnicity, we aim to
combine all Asian Americans to create a larger voice.

Our Vision:
- Through the development of our members, we aim to nurture influential leaders for our
communities and spread them across the United States. Combining talents, passion, and
vibrancy of our youth activists, the Asian American Youth Council strives to create a
more responsible Asian American community, throughout which we continue to develop
new norms and practices that enrich not only our own but the wider American society.

Our motive is not to seek recognition but rather to provide a voice for all Asian Americans.
We build pride, grow leaders, and spread these influencers all over the country.

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